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Upper Body Strength Training Circuit

    Upper Body Strength Training Circuit Video to help you manage your chronic pain.

    Strength is what allows us to live an independent life. We can get up from the floor or chair without help. Pull ourselves up when we fall. Move furniture to give our room a new feel. All of those actions and more take strength.

    “I threw my back out”

    “I slept wrong”

    Those are just a few of the things I hear from clients. While that may be true there was a progression that lead to that. Years of doing work with bad body mechanics or posture along with no stretching or strengthening. Those tight muscles never getting a break as they desperately try to hold you in a position.

    All that can change. There isn’t a “bad” time to get stronger but doing it while your young will be easier. You may have already watched our “Computer worker’s exercise video series“. Even if you don’t work on a computer those exercises will help anyone with some upper back stiffness. As you build foundational strength you build confidence to try new things. Such as rock climbing, aerial arts, roller skating, and more!

    You can always hire a personal trainer, like our friend Jenn Alvarez! Whatever your interest there are fun ways to stay active and maintain strength. If you want to start and are recovering from an injury, chronic pain condition, or similar check out our strength training sessions.

    Not in the area? We do have a Patreon where we create custom exercises, self massage, partner massage, and more to help you manage your chronic pain!

    a black woman doing a lunge with weight looking at the camera. text reads Strength training and chronic pain treatment plan

    Upper Body Strength Training Video


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