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Theragun for Self care

    Is the Theragun safe to use?

    Now I have tried a lot of self massage tools, a lot, including the Theragun. Although I love the thought a lot of them seem hard to use when getting to those hard to reach places. This is no exception. It is more intuitive but not enough to really get to the shoulder blades. I did learn, however, that getting one of these will always get you on your buddies good side. See, you can ask them to get those hard to reach spots because they will want you to do the same! Please be careful with this though. It can be easy to lose track of time and use it for an extended period of time thinking you are doing a good thing when in fact you will be in a world of hurt the next day.  A good friend of mine has one so I was able to use it but at the price point and the potential for injury I won’t be buying my own any time soon. If the price drops I will definitely consider this purchase! When that happens you can expect me to add a video to this post with the different ways you can use it. For now you will have to rely on intuition or ask me at your next session!

    So is the Theragun a good purchase?

    I’m going to say yes. It may be a bit more powerful which leads to injury but with the right instruction it can be a useful tool. Price not an issue for you? Great! Just be sure to take a break after 10 minutes or so. Switch it up and move to another part of the body to ensure you don’t over do it. If you do I’ll be here to help calm those areas down. Feel free to schedule a session to get a good idea on what areas you can focus on.

    Theragun being used by a woman


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