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Theracane Self massage Tool

    Theracane Self massage Tool


    We offer classes on the theracane upon request at any appointment. Please schedule more time if you plan on asking for the in person course. Want Ashley to teach at your next event? Send us an email!

    The theracane self massage tool is a must have at my office. I love the diversity in it’s use, portability, and accessibility. Anyone can use this tool and you can bring it with you anywhere. There are a few different kinds but this type is my favorite. I made you a short video showcasing why I love it and where you can get one! If you come up with new ways to use it please let me know and i’ll update the video =) There are several choices so I put my favorites down below. We also have these in stock at our Philadelphia location so check at your next appointment.


    Have your own? Check out our Theracane Massage series. Mini episodes containing an exercise you can do with the theracane self massage tool! Want more videos? Check our blog or subscribe to our youtube we even have a Patreon if you want customized videos fit for your needs. While we are slowing down on our patreon we do have a lot of the course written out and are waiting to raise money for editing and filming. Let us know if you need a video and we will get it up asap!


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