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Strength Training for Chronic Pain

Strength training when I have chronic pain?!

Yes! Here at Tranquil Therapy we take chronic pain and strength training seriously! Specializing in chronic pain and autoimmune conditions for over a decade we noticed manual therapy alone wasn’t enough. Strength is a HUGE part of healthy functional movement and is a necessary step in your treatment. For that reason Ashley took a Personal Training Program at CCP. It gave the option to get your NASM Cert (national academy of sports medicine) however as of 2023 Ashley will not renew the certification. We will still offer strength training for rehabilitation so she can help her clients build the strength needed to get long lasting results.

Woman with long brown hair is resting after strength training. Her arms are touching the back of her head as she looks off to the upper left hand corner of the image. there is a blury green background.

How to build strength when battling chronic pain?

Ashley understands that it can seem impossible to do any sort of exercise when battling chronic pain but it’s a cycle that needs to be broken. Using manual therapy, the sessions start with an hour massage and is followed up with an hour of strength training and movement. This is NOT a replacement for your physical therapist but something that can be used with or after your PT is finished. See our “Services” page for a list of manual therapy techniques and conditions we work with.

We don’t do extreme, we do practical functional movement and the strength needed to do those movements. Understanding our bodies limits and movement patterns are key to building strength safely while we continue to live our busy lives. Ashley is with you every step of the way to ensure you have the right posture to do the movements as well as finding that sweet spot. The spot where you are challenged but always leave your training session with 20% to go about your day. It’s about improving your quality of life through feeling and understanding of your body.

Ask Ashley about this new service at your next appointment to see if this is right for you.

Ashley works with other professionals including your PT or M.D/D.O and encourages communication to get you the best possible care and safest treatment!

a woman with higher melanin doing a lunge twist with a weight ed ball is looking at the camera. text reads " A complate treatment plan for chronic pain. Combining manual therapy and Strength training.

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