Ritual: everyday practices for a better quality of life

Everyone has their own ritual, it can be waking up and scrolling or making food before you get ready for work. Either way we all have things we enjoy doing because they are practical or bring us joy. Some things that I, Ashley, love to do is make coffee or tea and do one of my “activities”. I keep a list of 10-15 things I want to do more and choose one of them to do int he morning for just 10 minutes. Sometimes it’s meditation or movement practice, like dancing, juggling, or hooping. Other times it’s writing, singing, drawing, or self care. Self care is always different though, I love face masks and baking or CBD bath soaks and a hair treatment. I’ll give my favorite new small business to buy from at the end. If you have a favorite let me know!

What if I can’t seem to do anything that day?

Often times when it’s a slow day for me and I can’t seem to do anything for 10 minutes I re-arrange my crystals or light some incense and put on soothing music. This is easier to do and it’s something that always makes me feel better, no matter how low I might feel that morning.

It’s important to have a Ritual that helps you get through tough times but also empowers you to tackle challenges. This can be your favorite scent in candle, incense, or bundle form while you allow yourself some time to think about everything that has happened to you recently, or not so recently. Helping you move through emotions, hard truths, and resolutions. Choose herbs for better wellbeing and clarity for a cup of tea or hold a crystal while you let the thoughts organize themselves in your head. Always be kind to yourself, imagine talking to a close friend and extend that same kindness to yourself.


These small rituals make big impacts on your state of mind. Practicing processing emotions, challenges, and trauma isn’t easy but you can make 10 minutes work for you. Some of my best ideas have come out of lighting a cedar bundle and allowing myself to write everything down as it came. Then making tea and doing it all over again. Sometimes hours pass before I realize i have been writing the same things over and over again except with greater clarity each time.

We are living a unprecedented times

Covid-19 has changed the world and how we interact with each other. We can take this time to develop rituals that help us navigate this new world.  It can be a daily ritual, like mine has grown to be, or a weekly one. If you are interested reach out to see what various practices there are. I recommend  “Elements of Aura”, it’s a small women owned and operated business right here in Philadelphia. They carry various tools that can help aid you in your journey as well as books, kits, and more.

I want to end this post with recommending walking outside. Fairmount park is huge and has a lot to offer if you’re in the Philadelphia area. You can find all sorts of forest treasures and the exercise feels great. We look forward to opening again full time and hope we can all find the time to help each other through this insane year and beyond.