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Philadelphia referral page

So Referrals?

At Tranquil Therapy we know that Massage Therapy can only get some people so far towards their wellness goals. Nutrition, Personal Trainers, acupuncture, Physio’s and more can also help you with chronic pain! It’s important to understand that you can’t always do it alone. There are people like me who want to see you heal, grow, and get better. I’m always on the look out for people to work with and love when you tell me about someone that has helped you.

Have someone you love? Let us know!



Massage Therapist in Fishtown

Missy Myers is a massage therapist that also does myofascial work along with many other modalities. She has over a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge to help you manage pain and relax you.

⇒ Spa

in Olde City

Health care


Dr Feeko is a Physio at Jefferson hospital, takes insurance, and listens to his patients. Highly recommended.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Kelly is a somatic psychotherapist in Philadelphia to learn more click the link above.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainer

Jenn is an amazing and diverse personal trainer. She works with older clients, rehab clients, those looking to get stronger, and people with specific goals.

Movement and strength building   Fb and IG

with Heavy Hitters in fishtown!

Alt. Medicine



Senior care resources for you or your loved ones

visit the assisted living website above


We will be adding more to this page as we scope out and get to know more professionals!

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