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PreNatal Massage

    What should I know about Prenatal Massage?

    I wish I had better photos of pre-natal massage, it’s one of my favorite sessions to do. I’m sure you have gone places where they tell you

    “I’m sorry but we will not massage you during your first trimester”

    This is always hard because they very rarely tell you why, even though you’re well aware. The reason is lawsuits. It’s really that simple, if a therapist isn’t properly trained then they can cause damage. PreNatal Massage is a course each massage therapist needs to take in order to properly give this massage. This is made even more of a risk if you are in the first trimester because that is when the majority of miscarriages happen. The first trimester is a tricky thing, your body is taking care of this growing cell and sometimes things can go wrong at such an early stage. Massage however is not the dangerous part, it’s the unknown that is dangerous. Sometimes a woman can have a complicated pregnancy without knowing it or knows it but doesn’t think massage would be bad. So the Spa or company will just say not flat out to cover themselves in the event of a lawsuit.

    This unfortunately means that people come to believe it as truth and although it could be true for you, it is not true for everyone. You need to consult your pre-natal care before committing to a massage.  You can find more information here.

    Should you get a massage after learning you’re pregnant? Short answer ask your pre-natal care doctor. Scroll to see why you should come to Tranquil Therapy for your pre-natal care.

    So how is Tranquil Therapy different?

    Tranquil Therapy has been in practice since 2010 and started out in a much different niche. Now we are known for our orthopedic work but before, when Ashley was starting, she did pre-natal and energy work! Ashley had a lot of friends and family members that were pregnant and had a lot of practice with pre-natal work. One friend decided she wanted to have the birth process at the Birthing Center of Wilmington and invited me along to do massage. I had not been aware that this was a thing! I was extremely lucky that a Doula liked me enough to teach me techniques and help along in the birthing process. It was incredible. Later that year my aunt had heard of what I did and asked me to do the same for her. Each time I got better and better.

    “Confidence is what you need to look for in a therapist and after trying to make pre-natal care my main niche I got pretty confident in it!” -Ashley

    Over time my focused shifted to orthopedic care but I still get excited and happy whenever someone schedules a pre-natal massage. Find a therapist that is confident in their ability, has taken courses (c.e.u), and loves what they do! You will notice a difference.

    A good place to start looking is the therapist finder on the AMTA’s website. American Massage Therapist Association.

    To schedule your massage in Philadelphia with Ashley click here, to find out more about how Tranquil Therapy does their prenatal massage click here


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