Orthopedic Massage Therapy in Lancaster PA

Massage for Chronic pain, Autoimmune Conditions, & Anxiety

dermoneuromodulating and trigger point therapy are being demonstrated. massage therapy lancaster. A woman with purple hair is using her elbow for pressure on a body that a face down in a massage table. Her right hand is pulling up on the base of the skull while her elbow holds a spot on the upper shoulder. Demonstrating manual therapy against a teal wall and a decorative fake plant off to the left of the image.
We offer a relaxation type of massage therapy. But this studio focuses primarily on massage for Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Conditions, & Rehabilitation.

Gratuity is included

Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain in Lancaster. All add ons and gratuity are included in the price.  If you want to leave a tip, bring a gift, or anything please feel free but know that it is not expected nor will it change your experience. View our services to see how massage therapy can help your chronic pain and what we offer.

myofascial release massage therapist with purple hair is using both elbows on a client's back who is face down in front of her. she has one elbow at the shoulder and the other at the low back. the walls are a deep turquoise color

Myofascial work is apart of Tranquil Therapy’s foundation. 

 Massage Therapy customized to your needs

We support all genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, and are a proud member of the LGBTQIA. This is a Mexican women owned private practice y te ofresco tu tratamiento en espanol si prefiere.

What can I expect from my orthopedic massage?

During your orthopedic massage treatments, we will continually refer to our notes, looking for patterns or information that can illuminate pain patterns. We will plan your treatment for each session and explain other options to you. For example, Ashley might suggest strength training and provide you with a few exercises. In some cases, we might recommend a more in-depth approach, such as referring you to a personal trainer or physical therapist. We use assessment tests to identify potential limitations and determine treatment actions. We will explain each test before performing it to ensure everyone understands the process. Your understanding of what is happening forms an integral part of each session.

Massage Therapy in Lancaster

In Lancaster, our massage therapy practice treats a variety of conditions, including Frozen Shoulder. Long hours spent working on a computer or performing similar repetitive movements can lead to the development of Frozen Shoulder over time. Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder include stiffness, decrease range of motion, and rounded shoulders. We also frequently work with autoimmune conditions like Lyme Disease. Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium, causes Lyme disease, which can result in a range of painful symptoms. In the early stages of Lyme disease, you might experience joint stiffness and muscle aches. As the disease progresses, the pain can become more severe and widespread. Our massage therapy, which focuses on the nervous system, can help alleviate some of these symptoms. We offer an additional scalp and face treatment that has shown positive results with some Lyme Disease clients.

If you want to experience this and start your treatment plan, let us know! 

Medium melanated woman sits with a notebook opened in front of her. she is looking at the camera and smiling and it appears she stopped writing mid sentence

Convenient location and schedule. Ashley has been great working on some problem areas in my back. I also appreciate the additional analysis of what has been causing my troubles and working through strategies to address the issues.


Relief from problem areas