for chronic pain and autoimmune conditions

You must read the confirmation email for your massage therapy appointment.

It has all of the info you need! We are not a spa! This is a one woman private practice!

Lancaster massage

Although we do offer a relaxation type of massage therapy this studio focuses primarily on Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Conditions, & Rehabilitation. Please do not expect to receive a spa treatment as this studio is NOT equipped for that.

It is YOUR responsibility to read the confirmation email IN FULL as this gives you instructions on how to enter the building, intake form, and more. You need to be on time to receive the full service, if you are late it taken out of your time, if you do not show to your appointment you will be charged the FULL price. This is because you left me with no time to rebook the service. You need to read our cancellation policy.

There are TWO massage locations,

please be sure to schedule at the correct location. We are NOT responsible if you schedule in Lancaster and are located in Philadelphia and vice versa. If you catch this, in the confirmation email, you can fix and change your appointments by logging into our scheduling system under your account.


The free add ons really make a difference when we get to a place where I am in maintenance mode. I always go for the Ayurvedic foot treatment


Ashely from Tranquil Therapy is awesome! I am fairly active and I also have a tendency to injure myself (always minor, but irritating nonetheless). Ashley has been able to help with my symptoms, as well as give me information and stretches/exercises to prevent further injuries, as well as self-massages to do when I do (inevitably) injure myself again. There have been several times when I was on my way to our session that I could barely move my arm without wincing. But after our session, I was able to move freely (although cautiously) with little to no pain. It is apparent that Ashley takes pride in her work and truly cares about her client’s wellbeing.

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