Massage Therapy for chronic pain and autoimmune conditions

We are back to do massage therapy in Philadelphia! To be seen you MUST wear a mask, no exceptions.

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We are an appointment only studio, no walk ins, please schedule an appointment here.


Ashley has been doing massage therapy in Philadelphia for over 11 years and specializes in helping people get relief from chronic pain and pain that accompanies autoimmune conditions. Also well versed in relaxation techniques but mainly focuses on pain relief and rehabilitation. Additionally, Tranquil Therapy can combine techniques to get you a truly customized massage & take home treatment plan getting you back on track!


Above all, with a large referral base if we can’t help you, we will send you to someone who can! For instance, when we realized that massage wasn’t helping a client we referred them to a yoga instructor we work with and they got relief. Stop spending money trying to find the right therapist and send us an email to see if we are a good fit.  In other words, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, and others to  get you results and out of my office in the safest amount of time.



Tranquil Therapy is Massage Therapy in Philadelphia for chronic pain and an improved quality of life. Let’s find out which muscles are tight, which are weak, and what is going to do you the most good.


massage therapy


Over the last 11 years tranquil Therapy has helped chronic pain suffers in Philadelphia through conditions such as fibromyalgia, Costochondritis, TMJ, Endometriosis, over use conditions, TOS, and much more. Combining the techniques we know to get you a truly custom treatment plan that is easy to follow. And always explained to you BEFORE you leave the treatment room.

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