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Massage Treatment

What does a Tranquil Therapy massage treatment look like?

Tranquil Therapy offers a large variety of massage treatment options however they are all made up of the same foundation. Listening. We listen to our clients because you are the ones living with your pain, you are more aware than I could ever be, and you are feeling everything from the horrible to the relief. We look to you to give us feedback so we can adjust our treatments as needed. No one is the same, pain is no different.

talking about massage treatments

People experience pain differently so we are prepared to treat each client differently. Call or email to have a quick chat about how we can help you help yourself! We will have an interview process and talk before each session so Ashley can update her notes on your file.

What can I expect?

Over the course of your treatments we will refer back to these notes and check for patterns or any information that can shed some light on pain patterns. From here we will plan out the treatment for the session and make sure that other options are explained to you. This could mean Ashley suggests strength training and will give you a few exercises or it is a bit more in depth giving you a referral to personal trainer or physical therapist. Assessment tests are used to identify potential limitations and actions for treatment. Each one will be explained before it is done so that everyone is on the same page, your understanding of what is happening a part of each session.

If this sounds like something you want to experience and want to start your treatment plan let us know! We look forward to working with you. Feel free to see what is being said on Yelp or Google. (Keep in mind yelp suppresses reviews)


How do create a custom Treatment plan?

Check out our menu, under treatments, to see our services and what sounds best for you, ask us questions, and try out new techniques without extra charges. We do not charge for stuff, we charge for the time spent. Talk with Ashley and break down habits that are contributing to your pain patterns while learning what you can do to help to yourself. As of 2021 Ashley is also offering Strength Training in combination with massage and manual therapy treatments.

All prices are as follows:

  • one hour $130
  • 75 minutes $165
  • 90 minutes $195
  • two hours $250


What treatments do you offer?

Myofacial  • Trigger point •. Frozen shoulder. •. Deep Tissue •. Integrative Zen •. CuppingPreNatal

Low back pain Dermoneuromodulating •.

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