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Massage Playlist

    Massage music Tranquil Therapy Playlist

    After years of listening to soothing music and having my clients ask me for cd titles and artists. I have decided to put my playlist out there. Feel free to follow on spotify or use this page, either way you will get what you’re looking for. Soothing music for your day. This is my current playlist so I will add and take away music from it. Hope you enjoy!

    If you have any suggestions for music I should add to the massage playlist let me know! I am always looking for more variety and appreciate some direction. Music can take us to new places and facilitates feelings of calm or happiness. It can bring back memories and help you process emotion. I hope this helps you a little <3

    Don’t have spotify? We have a youtube channel! Listen to this playlist on youtube!

    If you are new to Tranquil Therapy you can check out the “About Ashley” page or our services page(s)


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