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Natural Ways to Manage Pain

Being in constant pain is debilitating, but treating pain is tricky. Pharmaceuticals often have side effects that can either enhance a pain problem over time, become addictive or both. Let’s explore some natural ways to create positive and natural pain management.


Before the time of pharmaceuticals, natural ingredients were used to control pain. For instance, curcumin, made from the turmeric root, has anti-inflammatory properties. Being outside in sunlight produces vitamin D that reduces arthritic pain. Also, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have been found to ease joint pain. Some evidence suggests CBD can help you manage certain disorders that cause inflammatory and neurological pain. These types of natural supplements do not cause negative side effects under normal conditions.

Massage Therapy

One of the powers of massage for treating arthritic pain is its ability to get good blood flow to the area that is inflamed. Massage therapy is a natural way to accomplish pain control without addictive side effects. Inflammation can cause swelling that decreases the blood flow to the painful area. Massage manipulates the tissues to encourage increased blood flow., and the result is decreased pain. Massage also helps to release toxins that have built up in muscle tissue. Be sure to drink plenty of water for 24 hours after a massage session to flush out the toxins. You will feel an increased fluidity in your movement that is invigorating.


While acupuncture may seem exotic, this form of pain management has been around for more than 3500 years in Asia. The way it works is a skilled practitioner inserts thin needles in various areas of the body to unblock the chi energy that helps to ease the pain. This procedure works well for chronic migraine headaches, back pain and neck pain as well as osteoarthritis or knee pain. After a treatment, plan some relaxing time to let your body adjust to the change in energy flow.

Though this form of pain management may seem new to you, all of these methods are time tested to be effective, with any side effects being positive, not negative. You will feel better and move more freely. Be sure to research brands of supplements to ensure you are purchasing quality products. Just imagine a life without intense chronic pain and freer movement without the worry of addiction. Be sure to consult with your doctor and pharmacist when taking supplements to avoid any negative interactions if you’re also taking prescription drugs.

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