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lymes disease and massage

What is Lyme disease and can massage help?

If you have Lyme Disease then you are aware of the aches, pains, and seemingly endless numbing that courses through your body.

When it feels as though all I can do is lay in bed crying it helps to know that there are a few things my partner can do to help. Ashley showed them how to do a gentle face massage that would bring the burning feeling down to a bearable level.

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I remember working on m first client with Lyme Disease, in 2011, I was just getting into myofascial techniques for autoimmune conditions when this client booked. They mentioned headaches and things that I normally would associate with over use, trigger points, or stress but I listened to the client and worked lightly on their scalp, face, and jaw. When they returned for their next appointment they were excited to report that they haven’t had any headaches but the pain seemed to “travel”, this was also the appointment that they were seeing the doctor right after so I got to work and decided to make a mention to Dr Lipton. Well sure enough it was Lyme Disease and I wasn’t sure what to do! The Doctor cleared me for the treatment plan I had laid out and I worked intimately with this client for 4 months. Every other week we would work on new areas but every time we worked on the scalp, neck, jaw, and shoulder the pain seemed to go away far longer then when we focused on the site of the pain. This is what opened up my curiosity for lighter myofacial work as well as DNM and lymph drainage.

For more information visit Lyme Warrior, a wonderful organization that Tranquil Therapy donates to annually.

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