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Low back pain

deep tissue

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Low back pain is something you can recover from

Those suffering from Low back pain are vast and it is one of the biggest problems that everyone faces. You can have chronic or acute back pain that feels as though you need to move a certain way to keep it from hurting but this results in holding patterns that cause more pain. We work together to figure out what is happening specific to you and go from there.

At Tranquil Therapy we will work with you to address the cause, muscles involved, and help you get the results you need to have a better quality of life. You have the ability to take control of your life with the help of manual therapy and strength training. This is what some of our clients have had to say about working with Ashley and their wellness journey.

Start your custom treatment plan for low back pain today!

Sometimes all it takes is learning why our bodies may start a holding pattern. Strength is a big reason why we feel the need to hold ourselves a certain way along with demands at work. Getting a good understanding is the first step in changing your life, Tranquil Therapy can help you with that as well as loosening the muscles that are causing you pain. Send us an email to learn more about how Ashley can help you feel better.

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Low back pain

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