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How often should I get a massages?

    How often do you recommend getting massages?

    A: recommending how often you should get massages depends. Massage is different for everyone and I may have some questions if you’re in my studio. But really it depends on your body, type of injury, pain level, how long it has been occurring, and the condition of your tissues. Some people benefit and rely on weekly massages for preventative means but also are working on existing issues. While others are better off with once a month, bottom line is every person needs something different and we are here to see that you receive that. You shouldn’t need to go every week, multiple times, at least not if it’s working. Going a but more at first is normal but you should see results if what is being done is working with your home routine.

    You know your body better than anyone else and if you determine massage is helpful from experience then trust yourself to know when you should get a massage and what maintenance looks like for you. Ashley is here to help you but ultimately she relies on you to get sensory feedback and collect information. Take a look at our services page to see if anything stands out for you.

    The Mayo Clinic has a page about stress management but it’s benefits range from stress management and orthopedic dysfunction to mental well being and injury prevention. Check out our FAQ page for more common questions.

    A woman on the right side of the photo is facing the camera with her eyes looking down as she uses her elbow to perform a myofascial technique. This is done along the back of another woman who is facedown. She is being draped with a brown sheet. There is a teal wall behind them


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    Couples Massage classes

    Couples massage class with Tranquil Therapy. Although regular massage may be your best option for pain relief, it’s unrealistic for many to come several times