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Free add ons to any massage

We never charge you for add ons, it’s not something we feel good about doing. Instead our prices reflect all aspects of our offerings while ensuring you will never have to worry about surprise charges. Ashley has been massaging since 2010 and loves to incorporate other modalities to her orthopedic practice.  Although this DOES NOT add time to your session these modalities can be added on to any massage and all have their own benefits. Check out the Free add ons and add them to any massage, just ask Ashley at your next session!

Integrative Zen
Integrative Zen massage ; Intuitive Massage

Our massage add ons are

Cupping– Uses plastic cups with suction on various areas to help loosen muscle tissue. This technique doesn’t fatigue the muscles making it a perfect modality for athletes right before a competition. This leaves some dark spots on the skin that look like bruises however do not hurt and aren’t tender to the touch.

Ayurvedic Foot Treatment– Using a Kansa Wand this foot treatment is slow moving and goes over the feet and lower legs.

Thai Foot treatment – A foot massage that uses a soft wooden stick to apply pressure to areas of the foot relieving stress in the area.

Peppermint Scalp Treatment – A refreshing scalp massage with peppermint oil

On Table Stretching – Stretching done while you’re on the table.

Quartz Gua Sha also known as our Lymes Fascial massage– Quartz tools are used on the face and neck to relieve tension and help relax the muscles of the face.

CBD Oil- Coconut oil, arnica, and wild mint. CBD has a lot of amazing benefits. Check out this Forbes article on the various benefits of this plant. We use Elements of Aura branded CBD Oil, a Vegan and ethically sourced Philadelphia, women owned small business.

Sound Healing– Singing Bowls, Bells, Chimes, and more are added to the session in two ways, 1. at the beginning or 2. end of your session.

Energy work &/ Reiki– Energy work is done during your regular session and is not automatically included without your consent.  Reiki can also be added in the beginning or at the end of your session.

Aromatherapy– essential oils are added to your session. We have the following: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Lavender,  and our Signature Blend ( Bergamot, grapefruit, & rosemary).

Lyme Disease Fascial Massage. Gua Sha tools lay on a dark wood table accompanied with a wooden cut out fo Tranquil Therapy's logo as well as a black hand with undescernable white lettering. Free add ons to any massage is the subject of the photo

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