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Lancaster foot, ankle, and leg pain

foot ankle leg pain

Lancaster foot, ankle, and lower leg pain

Soft tissue issue, get results

Do you live in the Lancaster area and have foot, ankle, and leg pain? If you are looking for hands on therapy in a laid back setting then welcome! Tranquil Therapy has recently opened a second location and is taking new clients! Ashley specializes in pain management through orthopedic rehabilitation techniques. 

If it’s orthopedic and a soft tissue issue, Ashley is sure to help you get a better quality of life through massage therapy and strength training. Although a great stand alone treatment plan, Ashley can work with your healthcare professionals but sharing notes and what is working. 

While modalities and approaches vary the results do not. These approaches vary from myofascial release, Dermoneuromodulating (a nervous system approach),  resistive stretching, cupping, assessment tests, and more. These help ensure the treatment plan is covering various hands on therapies to see what works and get you results you can feel.

Oftentimes client’s are recommended surgery and although that can be a great option for some it shouldn’t be the first option a client is given.  Plantar Fasciitis  is a common foot and ankle injury that is misdiagnosed. Hands on therapy can help determine how this injury occurred and relieve the stressors that cause it in the first place. By reducing tightness in the surrounding muscles you often see great improvements and even get rid of plantar fasciitis. 

How do I know if massage therapy is right for me?

While there are many things that can affect the lower body one thing is the same. If you do not find what is causing the dysfunction, it will continue to be a problem. That’s why we work with you to determine what should go into your treatment plan. Hands on therapy is great for pain because we go by feeling. Touching the area and using techniques that help ease the pain and challenging the range of motion to get you results you can feel. Check out some of the services we offer here.

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foot, ankle, leg pain

If you are having foot, ankle, and/or leg pain we hope you consider Tranquil Therapy in your healing and wellness journey. 

Ashley has worked a few podiatry conferences and is open to collaborations for these types of events.

If you are not seeing results Ashley will work with you to find a professional who can.

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