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Couples Massage classes

    Couples massage class with Tranquil Therapy. Although regular massage may be your best option for pain relief, it’s unrealistic for many to come several times a month.


    Ashley believes in teaching all her clients how they can manage their pain at home. She offers classes to teach you & loved ones techniques that will not only get results but also prevent injuries.

    Who are these couples massage classes for?

    These classes are for friends, family members, partners, and anyone else who wants to help you manage your pain.

    What can I expect?

    Tranquil Therapy Wellness offers group classes as well as one on one.

    Group classes average around 90 minutes and cost $150. The venue usually charges a fee per person and Ashley teaches regardless of the amount of people. There is a cap to the number of people Ashley can instruct at one time which is 15 people. This class is tailored to the group but has an upper or lower body focus and does not go into as much detail as a one on one class. Although a video is not included in the group class, students are encouraged to take video for their records.

    A one on one couples massage class costs the same as regular massage sessions. An hour is $130, 75 minutes is $165, and 90 minutes is $195. The amount of time varies depending on your needs and the amount of instruction you want. A full body class would take longer than a class where we focus on a certain area. I always recommend an hour if you’re unsure.

    The couples massage classes include the following:

    • Tailored massage techniques for your immediate needs and concerns. Ashley has over 15 years of experience with chronic pain and will answer any questions you have.

    Relaxation techniques and modalities. For whatever your needs are. Some clients have one session for pain relief and, at a later date, take a relaxation class. Group classes have a focus such as lower or upper body and will have a few relaxation and pain relief options.

    Hands on time. Ashley will show you and then have you do it. This way, the recipient can give feedback, and Ashley can help with adjustments. Group classes will have this element but will not have as much hands on time with Ashley.

    A deeper understanding of body mechanics so no one gets hurt or fatigues early. “I could never do that for a whole hour!” If that sounds familiar then this class is perfect for you. Ashley teaches proper body mechanics that prevent the giver from burnout. This way, you are both able to work on each other without having the last person feel like they got jipped. Group classes also have this component.

    Partner stretches and solo exercises to help with pain management. There are several techniques Ashley can go over but only one requires both parties to take part. Thai Massage is a great way for both people to feel involved and best of all, it’s done with clothes on. You can learn more about Thai massage classes. While it is offered here it is not a service you can schedule outside of this setting. Group classes also include this.

    Couples massage class extras

    Ashley will encourage you to take a video so you have a reference for later. This way you can revisit all the techniques at a later date and refresh that memory! You can also take a video of Ashley while she is explaining.

    And oil to take home and practice your new skills. Ashley has some bottles but please bring a small bottle just in case. There are many scents to choose from such as our signature scent (Rosemary, Bergamot, and grapefruit). Group classes do not feature a take home oil unless the class has another partner that offers this product.

    Tranquil Therapy Couples Massage Class

    Every class is tailored to your specific needs ensuring no class is the same. With over 15 years of experience, Ashley can help you and your partner manage pain or relax. It’s whatever you want to learn at the time. People tend to forget things over time, so Ashley is here to answer questions that may arise after your class has ended. Feel free to email Tranquil Therapy, and we will any questions that arise.

    Classes are done on a massage table, but Ashley will teach you modifications for the home. These modifications are more for the giver than the receiver. They go over proper body mechanics to prevent injury. If you prefer to remain clothed for your lesson Ashley has an entire class that is done over the clothes. That involves Thai massage combined with other modalities.

    To schedule visit our scheduler and look for “Massage Classes”. Unsure how? Take a look at the video and then click this link to get sent to the exact page below.


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    Couples Massage classes

    Couples massage class with Tranquil Therapy. Although regular massage may be your best option for pain relief, it’s unrealistic for many to come several times