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Chair Massage in Lancaster

    Chair massage in Lancaster

    Make a lasting impression on your guests while also giving them a personal and caring gift of chair massage. It’s a versatile and enjoyable addition to any gathering, allowing your guests to leave feeling relief and relaxed. Chair massage in Lancaster just got easier to book! It is also a great way to treat yourself and your employees!

    chair massage

    I bring a massage chair, set up, and the sign ups start! Most noteworthy, a separate room isn’t required due to massages being clothed and the chair is the size of any kitchen chair. Area’s massaged are scalp, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. Massages are tailored to any length of time (minimum of 10min and max of 30min). We even offer a *spa* add on, a peppermint scalp treatment is an add on that everyone loves.

    Furthermore if you’re looking at doing this for your employees we have a separate post on that here that goes over Google and why they love chair massage!

    Ashley has been doing chair massage for events for over 14 years and loves the reactions she gets! It’s amazing how many people have never gotten a massage. You can help people find an amazing way to feel better about themselves and live with less to no pain!

    How long are Lancaster chair massage events?

    1-3 hours (with a 15 minute break every 90 minutes)

    additional time and therapists may be available please email for details.

    Prices vary depending on size and time. please email us at subject “group services”, if you have any questions or would like to schedule.



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