Ritual: everyday practices for a better quality of life Everyone has their own ritual, it can be waking up and scrolling or making food before you get ready for work. Either way we all have things we enjoy doing because they are practical or bring us joy. Some things that I, Ashley, love to do is make coffee or tea and do one of my “activities”. I keep a list.. Read More

Help You Need After a Sports Injury

Sports injuries can take a long time to heal, especially without proper care and medical attention. It can be hard to know exactly where to go for treatment for sports injuries, especially for less severe injuries, like sprains and pulled muscles. There are two main types of treatment to seek when it comes to sports injuries. The first is pain management, and the other is rehabilitation. Both types of treatment.. Read More

How to live with a difficult diagnosis

Article submission by Jackie Waters 11.30.17 How to Live Strong: Dealing With a Difficult Diagnosis All of us, at some point, in some way, will receive news that will change our lives. Some people might receive it in the form of a painful diagnosis. Perhaps you have been informed of a difficult condition or one that might mean living with chronic pain. This type of news might initially be met with.. Read More