Great Ways You Can Boost Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important, if not more important, as your physical health. Mental health can be very broad and cover everything from your mood, your feelings about yourself, and how your mind functions. No matter the circumstances of your life, it’s always a good idea to give your mental health a little boost.   Massage Through its many physical benefits, a massage can actually improve your mental.. Read More

Massage Playlist

Massage Therapy

Massage music Tranquil Therapy Playlist   After years of listening to soothing music and having my clients ask me for cd titles and artists. I have decided to put my playlist out there. Feel free to follow on spotify or use this page, either way you will get what you’re looking for. Soothing music for your day. This is my current playlist so I will add and take away music.. Read More

Examples of Chronic pain

What are examples of chronic pain   If you think you have chronic pain and are looking for examples then chances are you have it. Chronic pain can affect anyone and it can come from many different origins.  You can skip to the bottom if you want the short version 😉 My name is Ashley and I have been treating clients that suffer from chronic pain for over 10 years… Read More


Ritual: everyday practices for a better quality of life Everyone has their own ritual, it can be waking up and scrolling or making food before you get ready for work. Either way we all have things we enjoy doing because they are practical or bring us joy. Some things that I, Ashley, love to do is make coffee or tea and do one of my “activities”. I keep a list.. Read More

Natural Ways to Manage Pain

Being in constant pain is debilitating, but treating pain is tricky. Pharmaceuticals often have side effects that can either enhance a pain problem over time, become addictive or both. Let’s explore some natural ways to create positive and natural pain management. Supplements Before the time of pharmaceuticals, natural ingredients were used to control pain. For instance, curcumin, made from the turmeric root, has anti-inflammatory properties. Being outside in sunlight produces.. Read More

Help You Need After a Sports Injury

Sports injuries can take a long time to heal, especially without proper care and medical attention. It can be hard to know exactly where to go for treatment for sports injuries, especially for less severe injuries, like sprains and pulled muscles. There are two main types of treatment to seek when it comes to sports injuries. The first is pain management, and the other is rehabilitation. Both types of treatment.. Read More

Recover From a Brain Injury

Recovering from a brain injury takes time and help. Luckily, there are ways to use holistic approaches to feel more like yourself again. Massage is one way to help with recovery. Here are a few things you should know when it comes to using it to treat brain injuries. Kinds of Brain Injuries A brain injury means something happens to a person which causes a problem for the brain. A.. Read More

Put More Emphasis on Your Wellbeing

Many of us have it ingrained in our nature to put others first. We serve others at our jobs, take care of our families, and leave little time to take care of ourselves. It is time to take back your life and focus on your own personal wellbeing. Improve Your Mental Health Our mental health is as, if not more, important than our physical health. Our society has not always.. Read More

Pain From a Desk Job

Sitting all day is hard on your body. From constant spinal pressure to an increased risk of heart attack, if you’re stuck in a chair for hours at a time, you may be putting your future at risk. To reduce the risk of back and neck pain, you will need to make some habit changes and get some help. Massage Therapy Massage can help to reduce muscular tension that builds.. Read More

Can massage help you sleep better?

A wonderful and well thought out article about how getting better sleep with massage therapy. I have copied the article over but highly recommend reading it off of their site here.  ___________________________________________________ Can massage help you sleep better? More and more people are not getting enough sleep. If you are one of them, then you know the toll that it can take on your health, your livelihood, and how you.. Read More