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Add ons!

    Free massage add ons

    We offer the following free massage add ons, to any massage session. 30 minute sessions may limit the amount of time we are able to really do some of these but please ask Ashley at your next appointment. For more information please visit our add ons page here

    • Lyme Disease Fascial treatment. • Ayurvedic Foot Treatment. •. Thai Foot Treatment. • Cupping  •. Energy work. •. Reiki   • Sound Therapy. •   Stretching. • Gua Sha

    Leaving your massage therapist a tip, three photos in a column of the same woman doing chair massage for different people is the top half and the bottom half is a stylistic lotus with dots in the center, all black ink with the words Tranquil therapy


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    A massage workshop ; people lying and sitting on the floor if a large vinyl tent. To the right of center is a silhouette of Buddha. To the right of center is Ashley Stafford in a white dress smiling as she walks and talks through the tent.

    Couples Massage classes

    Couples massage class with Tranquil Therapy. Although regular massage may be your best option for pain relief, it’s unrealistic for many to come several times