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About Ashley Stafford

About Ashley Stafford


Tranquil Therapy was created by me, Ashley Stafford, with intent to show you how easy it is to implement exercises and relieve discomfort using regular massage treatments and strength training. Sick of doctors not being able to help me or my mom I started learning massage and the rest has led me to this private practice!

Over the last 13 years I have learned from incredible teachers making those lessons my own and helping my clients. Some of these teachers have been physical therapists (Ann Wilkinson), clients, personal trainers, Dojo Master (Beatrice), and of course CEU teachers. I have been focusing on orthopedic massage for about 10 years now and am in the process of receiving my “orthopedic assessment and rehabilitation specialization certification”. Some courses taken include Thai massage courses, dermoneuromodulating course (it’s about the nervous system), orthopedic assessments, Reiki, and so many others. There isn’t an end in sight either! I hope to stay up to date on soft tissue issues so I can continue to give the best treatments I can.
I honestly don’t know what I would be doing if I never found massage therapy. Everything about it is fascinating. The science, pathology, anatomy, assessment tests, modalities, history, metaphysical aspects, and the counter skeptical aspects. I believe everyone should have a basic understanding of the body, what is going on (or potentially going on) with theirs, and what they can do to improve it. If they want to learn. I strive to have everyone that comes to me leave with a new understanding and feel empowered.
Other projects I am a part of are
Co-Owner/Executive Director for Consent Culture Initiative
Tranquil Business Solutions; where I help implement SEO and gather Analytics to improve your business. Plus things like Website Building (simple websites, like this one!),  figuring out your “brand”and creating some social media content after setting everything up. I can also help out with some I.T work.


What do you offer?

I view my work as my service to the world and love every minute of it. Getting so much out of what I do and wanting to share that with others keeps me humbled and in awe.
To see the types of services I offer check out my Services page but I maintain an orthopedic massage studio. This means if you are looking for more spa type services I can recommend places such as Terme Di Aroma.
Although I do offer some of these services and have a Zen Massage I keep my practice fairly well lit and talk throughout the treatment when addressing pain concerns. I also take notes before and after every session to ensure we can find pain patterns. The studio is ran by one therapist, currently Ashley Stafford. For more questions please send us an email!

“If you don’t take care of your body where are you going to live?”

Queer/LGBT, eco, and vegan friendly