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About Ashley Stafford

Hi, I’m Ashley Stafford! Founder, therapist, and more at Tranquil Therapy Wellness. An orthopedic manual massage therapy studio, I built out of Philly (Philadelphia) in early 2010. Back then, I called my mobile massage practice Tranquil Communications, but a friend at the time helped me rebrand it to what it’s known as today. When I decided to attend massage therapy school, I wanted to be an energy worker. I was 18, homeless, living out of my car while attending a “parallel program” at a community college. I had recently found a community that would shape the way I approach life to this day. The Burning Man community helped me realize that it is possible to pursue a career you love while also building a life of joy, play, and imagination. Through this community, I found my love for object manipulation and started my career as an energy worker, which quickly changed to manual massage once I met my first mentor. Throughout the years, I have been fortunate enough to meet some strong women who took the time to guide me.

Hobbies and travels

While there are tons of places I have laid my head, I have the fondest memories teaching. I have taught several classes over the years at various festivals along the east coast. from Vermont to Nola and even Mexico. I’ve taught classes on circus arts like hula hoop as well as partner massage and self massage classes. One I even offer to this day is “Protect Yo Neck” a self massage class. I also have an on again off again relationship with my meditation practice. This consists of meditation at home and Qi Gong at the Dojo Tao in Gto Mexico, where I started my Qi Gong and singing bowl practice. Other hobbies include event production on a grass roots scale, singing, dancing, visual arts, playing video games, and most recently playing DnD with my husband and his friends.

foot, ankle, leg pain putting an Emphasis on wellbeing


What makes my experience unique is that I trained with a Physical Therapist for 2 years. Within weeks of completing my licensure in the state of DE I met Ann and moved in with her. Thats when I started learning manual therapy techniques through hands on time with Ann and her clients. Since 2009 I have learned from incredible teachers making those lessons my own to help my clients. Some of these teachers have been physical therapists (Ann Wilkinson), DO’s, and personal trainers. There was also a Dojo Master (Beatrice), clients, and of course, CEU teachers. Including courses like a personal training program by the community college of Philadelphia (2021) . Classes such as dermoneuromodulating (2015), TMJ (2016), & Apprenticeships with Physcial therapists & myofascial classes (2010). Myofascial Osteopathy Manual Technique Level 1 & 2 (2011 & 2015). Orthopedic assessment and rehabilitation specialization certification through the Academy of Clinical Massage (2023)!

Tranquil Therapy focuses more of Ashley’s studies in what we call a holistic approach to pain management. There are always new classes such as Thai massage courses (2013), a self study in energy work since youth to a Reiki 2 cert (2010). Ayurvedic Massage (2015), Sports massage (2015), and Ayurvedic foot treatment (2016).

There isn’t an end in sight either! We hope to stay up to date on soft tissue issues so we can continue to give the best treatments we can.

Online scheduling


Other projects Ashley Stafford is a part of

Revolution Lancaster

Ashley holds a board position. Revolution provides supportive community and supplemental income to women affected by homelessness or facing barriers.  Please visit our website for more information.

Lancaster Youth Action Board

Ashley Serves as a guide for young adults in Lancaster who are advocating for affordable housing and other factors that drive the homelessness in our city. If you want to be a part of our board and are between 18-24 years old, send me a message! If you want to donate to help us advocate for change in local and federal governments please reach out to Ashley to donate. She is currently working on the website

Ashley has stepped down as Executive Director for CCI but holds a Board position. CCI is a grassroots partnership creating consent based education and trainings. These trainings help businesses practice consent in their work place through a trauma informed approach. All of our trainings are peer reviewed before being published.

Ashley Stafford holing a blue water cup with a virgin of guadelupe themed juggling club. She has a seagreen top, silver hoop earrings, and an obsidian pendant.

Tranquil Business Solutions

Where I help implement SEO and gather Analytics to improve your business. Plus things like Website Building (simple websites, like this one!). I can also help with your brand or refer you to your best fit. Things like creating content for your website or social media. I can also help out with some I.T work and work with one of the best (Tim)!