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About Ashley Stafford

About Ashley Stafford

Ashley Stafford is Tranquil Therapy’s founder. Tranquil Therapy is an othropedic myofascial manual massage therapy studio. In this studio we practice consent in a trauma informed way. Created out of a need for safe spaces where you are able to explore your options and get the treatment best for you. She was sick of doctors not being able to help herself or her mom and wanted to feel in control of their story. She started learning massage within a week of leaving college for a bio-chemistry degree. The rest has led her to this private practice!


Since 2009 Ashley Stafford has learned from incredible teachers making those lessons her own to help her clients. Some of these teachers have been physical therapists (Ann Wilkinson) and personal trainers. There were also Dojo Master (Beatrice), clients, and of course CEU teachers. Ashley has been focusing on orthopedic massage since 2010. Including courses like a personal training program by the community college of Philadelphia (2021) . Classes such as dermoneuromodulating (2015), TMJ (2016), & Apprenticeships with Physcial therapists & myofascial classes (2010). Myofascial Osteopathy Manual Technique Level 1 & 2 (2011 & 2015). Orthopedic assessment and rehabilitation specialization certification through the Academy of Clinical Massage (2023)!

We do focus more of my studies in what we call a holistic approach to pain management. There are always new classes such as Thai massage courses (2013), a self study in energy work since youth to a Reiki 2 cert (2010). Ayurvedic Massage (2015), Sports massage (2015), and Ayurvedic foot treatment (2016).

There isn’t an end in sight either! We hope to stay up to date on soft tissue issues so we can continue to give the best treatments we can.

Ashley Stafford believes everyone should have a basic understanding of the body and what they can do to improve it. If they want to learn. we strive to have everyone that comes to me leave with a new understanding and feel empowered.

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Other projects Ashley Stafford is a part of

Holds a board position for Revolution Lancaster

Revolution provides supportive community and supplemental income to women affected by homelessness or facing barriers.  Please visit our website for more information.

Ashley has stepped down as Executive Director for CCI but holds a Board position.

Consent Culture Initiative.

CCI is a grassroots partnership creating consent based education and trainings. These trainings help businesses practice consent in their work place through a trauma informed approach. All of our trainings are peer reviewed before being published.

Ashley Stafford holing a blue water cup with a virgin of guadelupe themed juggling club. She has a seagreen top, silver hoop earrings, and an obsidian pendant.

Tranquil Business Solutions; where I help implement SEO and gather Analytics to improve your business. Plus things like Website Building (simple websites, like this one!). I can also help with your brand or refer you to your best fit. Things like creating content for your website or social media. I can also help out with some I.T work and work with one of the best (Tim)!