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Orthopedic Myofascial Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Conditions

 Massage Therapy for those that want results

Gratuity is included!

All add ons and gratuity are included in the price.  If you want to leave a tip, bring a gift, or anything please feel free but know that it is not expected nor will it change your experience.

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Trauma informed care

Although we do offer a relaxation type of massage therapy this studio focuses primarily on Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Conditions, & Rehabilitation. Please do not expect to receive a spa treatment as this studio is NOT equipped for that.

We support all genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, and are a proud member of the LGBTQIA. This is a Mexican women owned private practice y te ofresco tu tratameiento en espanol si gustas.

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 Massage Therapy should be customized to your needs

Lancaster City chronic pain management

Referrals are the best way to show us you care! We gush about our clients and feel so loved when they do the same.

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The first time I got a massage from Ashley, she was doing chair massages in a club in Philly. Despite the pounding music and people milling around, I still managed to fall asleep while she worked her magic. While this might be considered a negative for some people, I considered it a major positive. So, when my lower back started hurting me a few days ago, I reached out to Ashley to book an hour with her in hopes her magic hands could give me some relief from a pain that was making it hard to stand upright.

Lo and behold, it is a couple days later, and I feel fantastic. I’m moving around nicely, and I generally feel more relaxed than I did before she worked her magic. I think the best part, though, was that once we were done, she explained what I can do for myself to help avoid this sort of issue in the future. That’s not just a nice gesture, but it’s good business.

If you’re looking for relief from just about anything (seriously, check out her website), go see Ashley. She’s knowledgeable, kind, talented, and she loves her job. You won’t find anyone better.



We donate to a few organizations a year. two of our favorites are Savage Sisters and Lyme Warrior. Give back with massage therapy


We offer video resources to help you build strength, self massage, and get results. Massage therapy for the everyday human.