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Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Conditions

 Massage Therapy should be customized to your needs

Lancaster massage

Tranquil Therapy is committed to giving you the best massage therapy experience. This is why we took out the hassle of deciding what to tip or if you should get that add on or not.

Online scheduling

Here all add ons are free and gratuity is included in the price. We have been operating this way since 2015 and find that others are following suit! If you want to leave a tip, bring a gift, or anything please feel free but know that it is not expected nor will it change your experience.

Referrals are the best way to show us you care! We gush about our clients and feel so loved when they do the same.

Although we do offer a relaxation type of massage therapy this studio focuses primarily on Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Conditions, & Rehabilitation. Please do not expect to receive a spa treatment as this studio is NOT equipped for that.

There are 2 massage locations

Please be sure to schedule at the correct location . If you catch this, in the confirmation email, you can fix and change your appointments by logging into our scheduling system under your account. Please email us if you have any questions. Ashley is a Mexican-American who’s first language is Spanish and can tailor any session in either language.

For the past couple of months, Ashley has helped me manage my back, shoulder and neck pain using a new technique called Dermoneuromodulation (DNM). She recommended it as my muscles and nerves were pretty tense, and hard to work with using other massage techniques. It has worked great, I feel like my muscles are being re-trained and my back, shoulders and neck have felt much better. Ashley is great- quick to identify the problem(s), very attentive, professional and helpful!