Zen Massage

.5 hours, 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours
$50, $90, $120, $150

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What is Integrative Zen Massage?

Integrative Zen is a Tranquil Therapy original treatment. Not everyone is the same and people need different things to increase their quality of life. This massage does just that! Massage is an art form, if you are unsure of what you need this is the massage for you, combining any technique to ensure your massage is just what your body needs but is also very relaxing. A stepping stone to find what your body responds well and what you need to create a massage you won’t find anywhere else.

What can I expect from an Integrative Zen Massage?

You can expect each and every treatment to be different yet exactly what you didn’t know you needed. We have a large range of skill sets and know how to combine them all while still leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated to take on your day. A list of our techniques include: Thai Massage, Myofacial Release, Energy work, Lomi Lomi (forearm massage), Reiki, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Scalp Treatment, Foot Treatment, Hand Treatment, Stretches, and more. A massage that is foremost relaxing but also unwinds your tight muscles.

What are the benefits of Integrative Zen Massage? 

Feel relaxed, light weight, comfortable in your skin, and have a better understanding on what is going on with your body. This massage will not only tell you what you need for future sessions but what you need to do at home to prolong your treatment. This is a favorite for many Tranquil Therapy Members when they are achy but are unsure of where and what they need. Many report feeling more confident in their ability to take care of themselves and an over all increase of their wellbeing. As always massage should never hurt, if you are experiencing pain of any kind please let your therapist know so she/he can back off and continue a relaxing treatment.

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‘I’d been hurting from 3 days travel, with an old back injury flaring up really badly. My massage with Ash both helped with the pain and made my back feel better than it has in years’

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