Tranquil Therapy Fishtown

Here is a copy of the email I sent out going over changes and my gratitude for everything that you do <3

As you know I closed November 17th and will be back February 1-4th and then, depending on how many clients schedule, I’ll be back every 6 weeks. I wanted to go over space details and how scheduling is going to work. I want to thank you guys for helping me do what i love and trusting me to help you. I truly miss my clients. 😭

Booking- I have two separate links on my home page (one will say” Fishtown massage” and one will say Knoxville) as well as a link under “about” directing you to the new studio as well as the link to schedule. You will need to be sure you schedule under this link otherwise you may book yourself in Tennessee and that is not good. There is a cap for 20 bookings in those 4 days however you can email me to see if there is any more space or to be put on our wait list. Wait list will be first come first served and our cancellation policy will change from 24 hours to 48 hours so I can fill your spot easier. That updated policy is here

Pricing- As many of you know I have a membership for those of you that come in every month, unfortunately I will not be offering this when I return and sessions will be full price. Per transparency, I need to make sure my over head is covered and seeing as I am flying in, renting a space, needing a place to stay, storing table/sheets/oils, and doing laundry as well as food. You can see how that will add up and hope you understand that my prices are still lower than most of the other massage places and independent therapists: 30 minutes- $50, 1 hour- $90, 1.5 hours $130, 2 hours- $160

Location details- The studio I will be using is a Psychotherapy and Health Coaching center (Fishtown Wellness Center) that has a large front waiting area. Most of the time a person doesn’t wait long, if at all, until their therapist comes to bring them back to a quiet room. We will be in that waiting area and to ensure privacy there will be Japanese dividers encircling the massage table and noise machines muffling any noise from us or them. If this is something that bothers you the studio is closed to their clients Saturdays and Sundays so we will have the room to ourselves those days. The address is in the “Fishtown massage” tab under “about”

Our services have changed

PreNatal clients- Since I need to pay for storage of my equipment, I will not be storing pillows however I love doing prenatal massage and will still offer it if you are okay bringing your own pillows. This is because i will not only need pillows but clean pillow cases per massage and that can take up a lot of space, i hope you understand.

Cupping massage- We are still offering cupping massage and will continue to be a free add on service!

Aromatherapy- We will have limited scented oils available (lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint, and unscented).

Our hours have changed

Days offered– As of now I will be offering Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (depending on how many people book with me) 10:20am – 8pm.



Referrals- I want to make sure that you have someone to go before I leave and I have a few to recommend. You can visit my Referral page to see massage therapists and more. If you have anyone you see and love please send over their information! I would love to add onto this and you never know who is looking for what.”