Philadelphia massage membership :

is what chronic pain suffers use as part of their wellness routine. Did you know coming in every two weeks or so to relieve tension is great for maintenance, progress, and wellbeing?


All you have to do  to be a member is get a treatment once a month, BAM! instant membership. Also Scheduling is super easy and you receive special pricing for the rest of the month:

 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours

 $80, $120, $155


Who is the Massage Membership for?

The program is perfect for clients who are committed to their treatment and can put the work forth to achieve a better quality of life. You schedule online, book under member services, and get the results you need. Easy as that, really!

So first thing, you must have an account on our online scheduler.

Tranquil Therapy does not hold any information.

Why get a membership?

Well for starters there is no commitment and you can cancel at any time! So what more could you ask for in a program that helps manage your chronic pain?


Ashley is a trained orthopedic myofascial massage therapist with over 8 years experience in medical and studio settings. Not only does she assess your range of motion and muscle strength but also offers a deep and painless therapy. Afterwards you are given homework to do in between treatments and an understanding of how your body works to take charge of your pain. As of now there is only one therapist on staff so scheduling online makes her world a lot easier.

My clients mean a lot to me and I do what I can to reduce discomfort and share tips to manage pain throughout the day. This particular client made a lot of improvement  -“Ashley Stafford”