Philadelphia Thai Massage, Philadelphia Thai yoga Massage

Philadelphia Thai Yoga Massage

Philadelphia Thai Massage, Philadelphia Thai yoga Massage

$100 for 75 min, Contact if you would like more time.

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A massage that is done on the floor, or can be incorporated into any treatment, where I use my feet and hands to stretch and massage you. Just let yourself be moved by the dance like motions of this treatment and feel your tension melt away. Perfect for active individuals, anyone that wants to relax, those with a hard time being touched, and really anyone, this treatments is slow and intuitive. Please wear loose fit clothing.

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While at an event a few months back in the fall of 13, Penelope offered free 10 minute intro massages.   I was fortunate enough to get one and i just remember how truly great it was even though it was only 10 mins!  Imagine what a full session will be like.
While traveling i am always looking for a qualified massage but i can tell you, NONE compare to the knowledge she has of how to properly apply just the right amount of pressure and release the knots without the pain I’ve experienced from most while traveling.   Others just don’t know what they are doing, she definitely does.
I will be booking a full massage soon and cant wait to get the best massage in the world!  Im not kidding either, ive tried many massages in China and cringed with pain and couldn’t wait till they were done.
Seriously, Tranquil Therapy is the best!

Greg Janicke, Shamong, NJ

Pain relief while traveling