Philadelphia massage workshops

Learn about self massage and self care or bring a partner and learn thai massage!

Now and days you don’t always have time to get on a regular massage or self care schedule. You need quick things to do on the go, in the office, or in those rare “free minutes”. Philadelphia massage workshops, could be exactly what you’ve been looking for! In one hour you can learn how to work on yourself to feel better anywhere you go and help those around you too! Each workshop is different so the people taking them get more out of it. We start off with a guideline and take it from there. If you have suggestions or want to tell us your favorite self care techniques send us email, details at the bottom of the page.

Furthermore, relaxation is important, especially in this hectic age, be sure to set aside a bit of time to do this. Harvard even has an article on relaxation, you can read it here. Try a few different things out to see what your style is and what feels good for you.

Various workshops

“Protect yo Neck” –   This class that teaches you self care techniques. Ranging from using tennis balls, theracanes, foam rollers, stretches, and relaxing techniques you can easily do at home.  First we start with tennis balls and see what you want to focus on ensuring everyone gets something to do at home. Second we practice the techniques we learn. And lastly we have a discussion to be sure we understand. Lastly, we do not offer orthopedic assessment tests in the workshop but do go over body mechanics so you do not hurt yourself.

1.5 – 2 hours

Partner Massage –  Is a class for partners, friends, and lovers who want to work on each other safely and get some relief at home.

I demonstrate on a volunteer, go around the room to ensure you are comfortable with the technique, and answer any questions. The workshop is about an hour and the entire sequence is about 15 minutes. Comfortable clothes are a must and yoga mats are nice since this technique is done on the floor and requires a lot of movement from both parties.

We will go over prone (lying on your stomach), supine (lying on your back), and seated positions for relaxation and well being.

30 minutes -1.5 hours


How to book your workshop

Send is a message! If this sounds like something you want at your next gathering please email us at subject group services.

From here we will discuss what is best for you. You can do 1:1 (you and a friend) or as a group (4-12 people).

Massage workshops in Philadelphia

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