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Can massage help you sleep better?

A wonderful and well thought out article about how getting better sleep with massage therapy. I have copied the article over but highly recommend reading it off of their site here. 


More and more people are not getting enough sleep. If you are one of them, then you know the toll that it can take on your health, your livelihood, and how you handle life’s curveballs. If that isn’t

How to Live Strong: Dealing With a Difficult Diagnosis

This was sent to me and I wanted to post it here because it has a lot of great points. As always do your own research and feel free to ask Ashley any questions you may have.     How to Live Strong: Dealing With a Difficult Diagnosis by Jackie Waters   All of us, at some point, in some way, will receive news that will change our lives. Some people might receive

Tipping your Massage Therapist

Should I leave my Massage Therapist a tip?

paying-kidsjpg-c60127e1608be8d3A very good question but one that isn’t easily answered.

Leaving a tip is a great way to show appreciation for your treatment and therapists appreciate them! However when your at a spa, clinic, chiro’s office, or studio tips are not the same.

Typically in a medical setting you don’t tip right? But

Is sitting bad for you?

Do you work at an office sitting all day? Commute to work? What happens to you body while you’re sitting and is it bad for you?   An informative video on what happens to you body when you sit! Do you need suggestions on types of movement activities? Send us a message to see if massage can help and what activity is best for you. Let us know if you enjoyed the video or if you


Fascia and Myofascial Release-

Trigger Point Therapy   by- Alexandra Sarkuni   Massage therapists around the world practice a variety of techniques, some of them rooted within alternative medicine. Myofascial release, or MFR, is a type of osteopathic therapy that alleges to treat pain and restore skeletal muscle mobility. It achieves this by improving blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles, and

History of thai massage

Philadelphia Thai Massage

History of Thai Massage

by- Alexandra Sarkuni Due to the existence of little factual information, the history and origins of Thai Massage, also called Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage, is often a subject of much debate. Over 2,500 years ago, legends state that the founder, Shivajo Komarpaj, may well have been the Buddha’s physician. An important figure in ancient documents of that

Self massage for sore feet

Tip of

This week’s trip is all about our feet! Many people struggle with pain and discomfort in their feet backslash ankles and it can interfere with their daily life. Cold rolling will not only help ease the discomfort but also helps decrease inflammation! There are many ways to roll the feet and today we will focus using a frozen water bottle. Below is a

Heat for muscle relief

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This week’s tip is all about heat and how it helps loosen tight muscles. Many people struggle with tightness in the neck and back which interfere with their daily life. Heat will not only help ease the discomfort but also helps with mood by adding some aromatherapy.

I recently had a client who had neck and shoulder pain. This client’s appointment wasn’t