Massage Therapy in Knoxville TN!

Knoxville massage

Clients were all sent an email in May of 2018 about Ashley moving to Knoxville TN the end of October of the same year. We are sad to say this will close the studio but we are working on bringing Ashley back a few times a year to continue treatments.

Many of our clients rely on the manual and massage therapy skills to manage their chronic pain and we hear you! If you have a space she can use please send us your rates, contact info, and details of the space.


Ashley is a Manual Massage Therapist that uses Myofacial Release, DNM, Orthopedic Assessments, and many other modalities. This gets you a truly customized treatment plan that gets results and teaches you how to manage your pain.

For this reason we will update this page with referrals to continue your wellness journey. As always you can email Ashley with any questions you have or feel free to ask at your next appointment!


Are you in Knoxville and want to know how massage therapy can help you? Feel free to send us an email ( ) and we will get back to you within the day.  Ashley has been a therapist for the last 8 years working with autoimmune conditions and chronic pain sufferers. Working in Doctor offices, backstage with musicians, University of Pennsylvania with athletes and faculty, festivals, and so much more. She has been based out of Philadelphia and Guanajuato MX  before relocating to Knoxville TN. If you have any questions about her training or her services they are linked with the words.