Massage After a Move by Erik Hill

It’s no secret that moving is a physically demanding task. Your Pennsylvania realtor can help you
through the mental and emotional parts of finding the right home for yourself and your family and
then actually closing on the home, and he or she might even be able to help you with the physical
part of moving by referring you to a moving company. But your realtor can’t alleviate your muscle
soreness and stiffness after a day or two of carrying heavy boxes and furniture into your new home.
What your realtor can do, though, is refer you to a massage therapist who can work out those knots
and make you feel better than you felt before the move.
The Health Benefits of Massage
Getting a massage doesn’t just feel nice. It has numerous health benefits, like:
● Improved blood circulation;
● Muscle relaxation;
● Lowered blood pressure;
● Improvement to your posture; and
● A stronger immune system.
There are a few different types of massage, and each is designed for specific health benefits. Most
people getting their first massage get Swedish massages, a type of massage that covers the whole
body to promote total relaxation and reduction of pain and muscle stiffness. Other types of massage
● Deep tissue massage;
● Shiatsu massage;
● Hydrotherapy;
● Chair massage;
● Hot stone massage;
● Trigger point massage; and
● Sports massage.
Your massage therapist can explain each of these types of massage to you in greater detail and even
recommend one for you based on your needs. Consider trying out each type of massage to see
which is best for you and your body.
Getting a Massage can Get you Ready for your Next Step in Life
Massage has mental health benefits too. Let’s face it: buying a new home and everything associated
with it, like selling your old home and changing your address on all your accounts, is stressful.
Getting a massage will reduce your stress level, which in turn can alleviate headaches and tension
elsewhere in your body.

Some of your massage’s benefits will appear later, like your improved sleep the night after getting
the massage. When you’re adjusting to life in a new home, the mental benefits of massage can make
the transition easier. You deserve to feel your best in your new home, and a massage can make that
Make Massage Part of your Self-Care Routine
You don’t have to stop getting massages after your move. Getting massages feels good, and as you
read earlier, there are many health benefits associated with massage. You can make massages a
weekly or monthly part of your self-care routine by becoming a member with a local massage
therapy provider. If the cost of a massage membership is keeping you from getting one, consider
going for massages at a local massage therapy school. Often, you can get a great massage for $25 or
less from a student who needs to make clinical hours in order to become a certified massage therapist


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