This is a Life Coaching page, Life Magick coaching, something Ashley is just beginning to offer as of 2020. When her massage journey began it started off as a magical path of energy work and mystical wonderment.

Ashley not only developed her own way of working with the energies around her, becoming Reiki certified, studying astrology for 2 years, and traveling throughout Mexico learning about their healing practices and medicines she also developed her own way of living.

Life Magick, the magic that we create all the time but don’t always pay attention to it.

As of 2019 she developed a Business (coaching) consulting business, Tranquil Business Solutions (TBS) where she helps people figure out what they want to offer it, how they want to offer it, and what is needed to make that a reality. It starts with this and the next thing you know Ashley has set up your legal entity, started your website and so much more. To learn more about that visit her website here. 

Through this business she got so many questions about how to handle life in the transition, spiritual questions about energies and signs, and even asked for astrology charts as well as interpretations on the charts. Now, this was not what TBS was suppose to be but Ashley knows how to do these things so it was a natural progression. Although this isn’t her focus (massage is life and she loves her clients more than anything) this is something she is willing to offer if it is needed.

life coach

What does Life Coaching mean?

A life coach is someone who is there for you, someone who will help you make better decisions in your life, and helps you become a better person on your terms. Ashley serves as a guide and gives you suggestions on things you can do to get to where you want to go.

What qualifications do you need to be a life coach?

Unfortunately you do not need to go through any formal training to be a Coach of any kind, however it best to make sure that the coach you choose is right for you. For example, Ashely offers business coaching because she is an entrepreneur (owner of Tranquil Therapy, Co-owner of Consent Culture Initiative), and has over 10 years experience producing festivals and events all along the east coast. She can create simple but eye catching websites (like this one!), create a brand (like Tranquil Therapy and CCI), create content, and understands the ins and outs of all aspects of being a business owner.

For life coaching she has years of psychology classes, several online trainings (in things such as self improvement, active listening, financial, & nutrition), has studied astrology, energy work (like reiki), & tarot for over 15 years, and has so much life experience she has been asked to share.

How do I know if Ashley is right for me?

You can always set up a free call to ask her whatever you want and together figure out is she is right for you. She is currently using her TBS website for her life coaching, you can hop over there to message her or you can email if you prefer email to begin.