A Gift Card is the perfect gift

So you want to get that special someone the gift of a better quality of life! Thats amazing and I am so happy you chose to do it with us.


We are not selling giftcards at the moment due to our move. If you do purchase one it needs to be used by October 30th 2018. We will NOT be giving refunds after October 1st emails have been send on this matter so please make sure you use it or ask for a refund before this date. thank you and we will miss you!

Gift card
Tranquil Therapy Gift cards

All Gift cards are hand written by Ashley and mailed out within 2-3 business days. Each come with a sticker, personal message from the sender, and how to schedule.  There are a few ways you can purchase a Gift Card:

You can always schedule a time to come in and

write the message in yourself.

We take all credit cards

You can always send money through PayPal with your

Name, recipients name and address,

personalized message, and we will mail it out.


An hour massage is $90, an hour and a half is $130, and gratuity is included in the price! Please be sure to include all details above to ensure we get your gift out on time!

Buying a Gift Card will mean so much to anyone in your life but even more so to your love ones in pain. Here at Tranquil Therapy we specialize in chronic pain by identifying the cause of your pain pattern and finding the tools needed to continue progress. Sometimes however you just need a focused relaxing massage to get back on your feet again and we understand the importance of both.

“There is nothing like feeling what it’s like to be pain free when that’s all you’ve known. Thank you!”


If you have any questions about our services and how we can help you manage chronic pain

please feel free to send us an email at Tranquiltherapymassage@gmail.com