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Ashley graduated from Harris in 2010. She has had many mentors, including Dr. Lipton D.O. and her myofascial teacher Ann Wilkinson P.T. Learning various physical therapy techniques, and translating them to massage, the two years spent with Ann have shaped and influenced Ashley’s life. Understanding the effects that massage therapy can have on someones life, she takes the time to educate her clients about exercises and stretches they can do at home to decrease/manage pain. After helping a beloved friend during labor, and subsequently helping her aunt, Ashley has been passionate about decreasing labor pains through massage therapy.  Having the opportunity to live, practice, and teach in Mexico, she was also a manager at the Dojo Tao in Guanajuato. While in Mexico, she taught energy work series alongside the owner of the dojo, Beatrice.  Teaching alongside an experienced teacher, Ashley expanded her practice and honed her teaching. Ashley has been offering her “Massage for the Self and Others” workshop, as well as several other workshops, at local festivals, some of which include PEX Summer Fest, Return to Roots Gathering, May Flora Fest, and Be The Strange. Her specialties are Myofascial Release, Trigger point therapy, Thai yoga massage, energy work, relaxation/stress management, rehabilitation, pre-natal, and massage during delivery.