1.What can massage help me with?

A: Besides easing muscle tension and achy bodies Massage Therapy has been proven to help decrease depression and anxiety.  Many Pathologies and pains can be eased or eliminated by Massage Therapy such as:

TMJ . Sciatica . headaches . rounded shoulder/ computer shoulder . Fibromyalgia . Rotator cuff issues . Chronic pain.  Tennis Elbow . Recovery from accident or trauma . Decreased Range of Motion (ROM)


2. What is Myofascial Release and Trigger Point therapy?

3. How many massages do I need to get?

4. Are there any articles that demonstrate the effectiveness of massage? 

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6. What are the benefits, uses and risks when taking Greek Oregano Oil?

7. What is your code of ethics and draping policy?

8. Do you have giftcards?

Yes! Please visit this page for more info!

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