Philadelphia massage workshops, now available!

Massage workshops in Philadelphia

Philadelphia massage workshops Learn about self massage and self care or bring a partner and learn thai massage! Now and days you don’t always have time to get on a regular massage or self care schedule. You need quick things to do on the go, in the office, or in those rare “free minutes”. Philadelphia massage workshops, could be exactly what you’ve been looking for! In one hour you can.. Read More

How to live with a difficult diadnosis

Article submission by Jackie Waters 11.30.17 How to Live Strong: Dealing With a Difficult Diagnosis All of us, at some point, in some way, will receive news that will change our lives. Some people might receive it in the form of a painful diagnosis. Perhaps you have been informed of a difficult condition or one that might mean living with chronic pain. This type of news might initially be met with.. Read More

Self massage for sore feet

This week’s trip is all about our feet! Many people struggle with pain and discomfort in their feet backslash ankles and it can interfere with their daily life. Cold rolling will not only help ease the discomfort but also helps decrease inflammation! There are many ways to roll the feet and today we will focus using a frozen water bottle. Below is a short video on how to do this.. Read More

Heat for muscle relief

This week’s tip is all about heat and how it helps loosen tight muscles. Many people struggle with tightness in the neck and back which interfere with their daily life. Heat will not only help ease the discomfort but also helps with mood by adding some aromatherapy. I recently had a client who had neck and shoulder pain. This client’s appointment wasn’t for another day and needed relief fast. I.. Read More