Should I leave a tip for my Massage Therapist?

Leaving a tip for you Massage Therapist short answer is no. Do you want to? Then go ahead they are always appreciated. Tranquil Therapy pays their therapists well and are not as dependent on tips as other studios, chains, or spa’s. We are very grateful and appreciate tips however we do not expect them and would only want you to give when you can/want to. Have more questions? Please feel.. Read More

What are the benefits, uses and risks when taking Greek Oregano Oil?

A. Visit this link to get receive complete information and references. Click here A few things you should know right off the bat: Greek Oregano oil had been referred to as liquid gold and the great healer for it’s many uses and help with the immune system. It helps with skin infections when used topically, strengthens the immune system, improves joint and muscle flexibility, and improves respiratory health. To take.. Read More

Are there any articles I can read on how massage and more can help?

A. Yes there are! Here are a few Articles that get right to the point! (adding new ones all the time!) If there is something specific you would like to know about, such as your condition or one of a love one, please send us a message and we will get it to you! 3 Painful Conditions that massage can help. Why Massage Therapy is good for you Don’t call is.. Read More

How often should I get a massage?

A: That depends on your body, type of injury, pain level, how long it has been occurring, and the condition of your tissues. Some people benefit and rely on weekly massages for preventative means but also are working on existing issues. While others are better off with once a month, bottom line is every person needs something different and we are here to see that you receive that.