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Tranquil Therapy was created by Ashley Stafford with intent to show you how easy it is to implement exercises and relieve discomfort using  regular massage treatments and following a take home treatment plan.

I have a passion for relief, to relieve people of discomfort, that is what lead me to massage. The complexity of the body and an ever growing curiosity to find out more is something I actively pursue in my practice. Taking symptoms, yourself in the present, and what your body tells me I immediately begin to sort information into categories to meet our session goal. The best part is no one is the same! Even with the same symptoms the body speaks in different ways allowing me to add more experiences in applying treatments. Isn’t that amazing?! No matter how much I learn I find myself asking more and more questions, reading more about it, and then have such cases appear to me! I believe there is nothing our bodies can’t do with proper training and recovery and I’m discovering new ways everyday.
My most recent moment of gratitude was when an old friend called me. He was desperate I could hear it in his voice, he was getting over a cold and pulled something making it increasingly harder to breathe. He only had a 30 minute session and I had to think fast! After 15 minutes of work I asked him to get up move around and fill me in on new aches, gone aches, and concerns. His first reaction was he could breathe! His body was very ready for it! Working on my loved ones when they need help and giving them relief brings me so much joy.

Massage might be able to help autoimmune conditions

The Last one I will share with you is a client that came to me with Fibromyalgia. She tried everything and as a last hope her Dr. recommended her to me. After her first hour session she said she “felt great but it will wear off like her previous sessions have”. The next day she was ecstatic that she was able to sleep through the night! With patience and communication each session gave her better results and she began to improve. She stayed with me for over a year. Her and her story will stay with me as a reminder that communication is key in helping me understand the issues and ensuring effective treatments. That can also be said about life.
I honestly don’t know what I would be doing if I never found massage therapy. Everything about it is fascinating. The science, pathology, anatomy, assessment tests, modalities, history, metaphysical aspects, and the counter skeptical aspects. I believe everyone should have a basic understanding of the body, what is going on (or potentially going on) with theirs, and what they can do to improve it. If they want to learn. I strive to have everyone that comes to me leave with a new understanding and feel empowered. This about me was written in 2014 Formal Bio. 

 I view my work as my service to the world and love every minute of it. Getting so much out of what I do and wanting to share that with others keeps me humbled and in awe.

“If you don’t take care of your body where are you going to live?”

Queer/LGBT, eco, and vegan friendly